Creating Access to Hope

I don’t know about you, but after watching just a few minutes of the presidential debate, I was left hopeless. After reading the transcript (which was quite difficult with the candidates talking over each other), I was just as hopeless. This is not a statement about either of the candidates, as much as a statement of my acknowledged need for hope.

Most candidates for any political office run on a platform of creating hope. I have yet to hear a candidate suggest that a vote for them is a vote for the status quo. I am not saying there has never been a candidate who ran on such a platform – I just haven’t heard of them. This is probably because they lost the election!

I am struck by how much the world and our nation depends upon our political and governmental leaders to give us hope. Some are looking to doctors and other medical professionals for hope. And still others, are looking to family, neighbors, and friends for hope. We want hope, and it seems we will look anywhere for hope – even those bickering about who is the best chance for a fleeting hope.

Where can we find hope in 2020?

“Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope – and hope does not disappoint us,” (Romans 5:3-5).

Many of our neighbors, acquaintances, and friends are looking for this hope in all the places that will ultimately disappoint them. I would suggest that we have access to a hope that never disappoints in the Person and work of Jesus Himself. Which then begs the question, “What can the church do to create more access to this hope that we have found?”

The best way that we can create access to the hope that we have within us is to give an account of our hope. This means using your words. This means telling your story of hope. For most of us, this story of hope involves others, community, and a slow draw to the heart of Jesus by God Himself. We all have a story of hope that is rooted in who Jesus is and what He has done for us. And most decisions to find hope in Jesus come out of long conversations, great relationships, and the truth proclaimed in love.

We sincerely hope that our facility will serve as a catalyst for spiritual change within our city. But even more, we want our people to be equipped and mobilized as catalysts for this same mission. We are invested and committed to creating a space that gives opportunity for those who might not have access to this gospel of love, peace, and hope. Please take a moment to ask Jesus, “What would you have me give to create access to the hope that I have found in You?” Do you have the courage to give what He has asked of you?

Frankly, I expect every person that is a part of HarvestDowntown to have this conversation with Jesus and make a commitment to give toward this important initiative. Every man, woman, and child needs access to the whole gospel; and every man, woman, and child that calls HarvestDowntown their home church, should make a commitment to give toward this. I would love to have a conversation with each of you about what this looks like, but ultimately the decision is between you and God. Your pledge will help us plan how to proceed.

I look forward to celebrating the completion of this project and seeing it paid off within the next three years. I look forward to seeing our building used for so much more than traditional church services. I look forward to seeing church planters assessed and trained for the important work of planting more churches in proximity to those who don’t have consistent access to the whole gospel. I look forward to seeing our people resourced to have these conversations of hope that serve as catalysts for spiritual change within our city.

Click HERE when you are prepared to make a commitment.

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