Sons, Children, and Women

Political correctness for the sake of keeping the world happy seems like one of the most useless of endeavors. It is a moving target that seems to return to itself over time. Words that used to be viewed as insensitive are now back in vogue and those terms that were politically correct are now taboo! I now understand why “those old people” were so unwilling to learn new words.

I believe that the church should always remain sensitive to the culture, but I refuse to change my theology to accommodate the political correctness of the day. Once you have lived long enough to see the cycle of cultural correctness, you will also dig your heels in on certain issues.

What are the issues the church should dig their heels in on?

I would suggest that anything that is clear in scripture should be maintained. I believe that there are many issues that the church has identified as mountains worth dying on, that are merely cultural molehills. However, I have seen the church give up what we perceived as molehills only to have the issue become a theological mountain.

One such issue is related to the gender issue.

Many attempts have been made over recent years to make the Church more relatable to women. Interestingly, the Church has always been more open to women than the surrounding culture, but She has created problems for women in Her attempts to be politically correct and culturally relevant. In an attempt to be inclusive, various words of scripture have been changed to accommodate the cultural bias of the day.

I believe that in the Kingdom of God, we all stand before God clothed in the right-standing and justification of Jesus alone. We cannot lean upon our upbringing, race, religion, or gender. We must depend upon the position, privilege, and authority of Jesus only. What this means is this: in Christ we all stand before God the Father as sons – not because of our gender, but because Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and we are clothed with His position, privilege, and authority.

There is so much explained in scripture about our sonship because of Jesus, that to change the term to child, or to sons and daughters, is to change our theology. For instance, those under the law live as children being told what to do and what not to do. Those who live in the sonship provided through Christ have the authority of Christ. We walk in the position and right-standing of Jesus Himself – not in who we are outside of who He is.

This position may be construed as confrontational to girls and women, but it also affords women the opportunity to recognize their rights, privileges, and responsibilities in the Kingdom. This places us all in an equal position before the Father – there is no differentiation in the Kingdom of God. Ultimately, we all sing and speak about our privilege, position, and authority as sons of God because of the Son of God. We know that when He looks at each of us who has submitted to Jesus – and in His Son He is well-pleased; not because we are male, but because we are sons of God.

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