Filled with Joy

Why do pessimists seem to self-label themselves as realists? What does that mean for those who tend toward optimism? Are optimists merely fantasizers? Are optimists more or less likely to be filled with joy? Is a pessimist less likely to be joyful?

The fact is that dreamers tend to be joyful when they have a hope of a better future. However, when that hope is lost, they tend to slide into deeper depression than a pragmatic realist. Realists tend not to appear joyful about the future but can find more joy in their present situation. Most of us are somewhere on the continuum of realism and hope which forces us to work out our faith in the tension of these two concepts.

Jesus was filled with joy when He saw a vision of Satan being thrust from heaven. He was filled with joy when the workers came back from ministry and reported all they accomplished in His name. It gave Jesus incredible joy to see that these 72 followers had engaged in His mission and purpose of preaching the good news of the Kingdom in the surrounding villages and towns – for that is why He came.

This Sunday was such a blessing to me as the lead minister of HarvestDowntown. There are those moments in every one of our lives that we see the effect of ministry – these moments should cause us to be filled with joy. I saw Brandon and Callie affirmed in their call to serve as ministers of the church. I saw Joel and Lydia playing music on their last Sunday before going back to South Africa as ministers. I saw Anna share how God is using her in Cambodia to do ministry. I saw Chris lead us in song as we praised the Most High God. I saw David lead us in giving and Victor bless us as we were sent out.

I was filled with joy!

I was filled with joy watching the church family share a meal together. I was filled with joy when I considered the impact of Compass Church. I was filled with joy thinking of The Crossing and her ministry. I was filled with joy considering the army of ministers that surrounded Brandon and Callie to affirm them in the call to serve as ministers of the church.

I am filled with joy!

I like to think that I am a realistic dreamer. As I look to 2019, I am filled with joy as I consider the impact our church can have upon our neighborhoods and schools. I am filled with joy as I dream about the leaders and ministers in the church known as HarvestDowntown. I am filled with joy because of the ministry of HarvestDowntown. When I look at the slate of leaders the Nominating Committee has put forth for approval, I am filled with joy! I hope that these leaders will cause you to be filled with joy as well.

This committee has nominated Rob (Joyce) Tumbelston to fulfill the 2 years left on an unfulfilled term as an elder. This leaves us 2 elders short of a full board (7), but we hope to see these filled by next year. This shortage is primarily the result of the time, leadership, and spiritual commitment that we request of our elders. Furthermore, the Nominating Committee approved Jeremy (Caitlin) Auyer and Chris (Anna) Clonts to serve as elder apprentices for 2019.

The nominating committee has put forth the following names to serve as deacons for the next 2 years: Kerri Donaldson, Daniel (Sandy) O’Rear, Richard (Diane) Lujan, and Pat (Bruce) Altemose. The deacons take care of the physical needs of those in our church community. They also serve as a resource for helping those outside our church community – but only those who have someone within our church community to walk with them. These will join four other deacons who are currently serving the second half of their 2-year commitment.

We also have a full slate (12) of those who have agreed to serve on the Board of Ministries for the next year which serves as the audit committee for our church family. They make sure that we are using all our resources appropriately.

If you have any reason why you believe any of the afore-mentioned individuals should not serve in the role for which they have been nominated, please contact me as soon as possible. My cell is 719-310-9098 and my email is

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