RE: Regeneration

Terasue recently returned home from assisting a friend who had just had received a liver transplant. Her friend’s liver was diseased and was no longer able to perform the many functions for which it was created. A sister-in-law was a match to be a living donor and she gave over 50% of her liver to her sister-in-law. Within a month, the donor’s liver had completely regenerated. Within two days of the donation, Terasue’s friend’s new liver was performing most, if not all, of its created functions. Evidently, the liver is one of the organs in our body that fully regenerates itself.

I was recently talking to some professional athletes about regeneration and we discovered together that the human body completely regenerates itself every seven years. This means that every cell in your body is replaced at least once every seven years. Amazing!

The prophet Ezekiel described us as having hearts of stone – calloused hearts that no longer respond to gentle touch and conviction of the Holy Spirit. We desperately need regeneration.

Regeneration is not something that our souls can do automatically. Left unto ourselves, we will atrophy, become calloused, and die. We naturally surrender to unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and ultimate death. Who will rescue us from this natural digression and regenerate our hearts?

We cannot change our condition or regenerate our hearts of stone. We cannot even bring ourselves to believe unless the Father draws us to His Son. We need to undergo a regeneration of our hearts – that we may have a heart that beats after His own heart. This is the miracle of eternal life that He does in us.

In order to live eternally, we must be regenerated into the new creation that He has in store for us. We must metamorphose into the very image of Christ. Being like Jesus is not enough, we must become regenerate in our thinking, our behavior, our faith, and our love. We must have our calloused heart replaced with a newly created heart – this is only possible when we lay ourselves on His operating table and submit to the scalpel of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, our Brother, has promised to give us His heart. He is a perfect match. But not just our hearts – may every cell of my soul be regenerated to His DNA, that I may not just be like Christ, but that He may live through me.

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