RE: Redemption

People are weird.

Where does our weirdness come from? Do we all acknowledge our weirdness? Why does it take so long to become comfortable with our own weirdness?

WARNING: I have no intention of directly answering these questions! But, I believe that redemption gets to the core of our human weirdness and how we respond to it.

Terasue and I recently purchased a car with a substantial amount of hail damage. The sunroof and windshield, (windscreen, for those of you who speak the king’s English), were shattered and the car was filled with glass and water. There were little pieces of glass in every crevasse I could find. We are still finding the pieces of glass in random places. We had the glass repaired and had some friends come over to help pull the worst of the dents. I replaced a control module that had fried itself in the puddle of water that encased it. Then I vacuumed, washed the carpets, and generally cleaned up the car. Now it is the nicest car we own.

That car was on the giant trash heap of totaled cars due to our recent hailstorms. But, with the help of our son, and our willingness to invest in something that wasn’t sparkly and perfect, we found the car on the trash heap and redeemed it from the rubbish pile.

This car would have been a better illustration if it had been completely decimated and classified as a “salvage.” But, I was not willing to spend the time, the effort, or the money on a salvage car. I’m just weird that way.

My life was classified as “salvage” and “totaled” but Jesus saw me and decided that I was worth the time, the effort, and the price of His own life. When I signed the title of my life over to Him, He began a redemptive work in my life. I was redeemed at the moment He paid the price and I signed my life over to Him. But, I am still in the process of being redeemed for His purposes. I have dents, I have a fried mother board that makes me make stupid decisions, and I was pretty useless for His purposes.

This is the beauty of redemption, Jesus doesn’t have any interest in owning a junkyard. The Holy Spirit is not a junkyard dog that goes around biting people for touching Jesus’ cars. He is not interested in warehousing cars that He may or may not use someday. Every car in His possession has a purpose and significance. He sees the car as it can and will be – not as it was or is. He is not ignorant of the car’s flaws, idiosyncrasies, or issues. But, He sees it as it will be in all its glory.

The car cannot redeem itself.

The car is always moving to a place of chaos and disorder – it is losing value with each passing moment.

Who will rescue and redeem us from this life of sin and conflict? Praise be to Jesus, who bought us off the dung pile, washed us, healed us, and clothed us with His righteousness. He is faithful, He will do it.

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