RE: Finding the New Normal

Over the years we are faced with changes that require that we change our lifestyle. Sometimes these changes are driven by health, accidents, living arrangement, job, weather patterns, or natural disasters among other things. When we are faced with these changes to our way of life we must choose whether to long for the way it once was or embrace the change as a new way of life. Major life changes force us to find new rhythms and baselines for what we will accept as normal.

What was the last major life change that forced you to redefine the new normal for you or your family?

Finding the new normal is about defining the new baseline by which you will measure the goodness of your life. For some, this baseline is change for the positive, while for others, the major life change would not be characterized as positive. Regardless of the circumstance or life change, the change in the baseline is directly proportionate to the change in the situation.

I wonder whether you were ever faced with an event in your spiritual journey that challenged you to find the new normal of your relationship with Christ? We certainly should have had such events in our spiritual growth, but did we acknowledge and embrace these changes as our “new normal.” When you came to Christ, did you recognize the transition to a new normal – or did you miss it?

Repentance is about finding the new normal of our lives when we come to Christ. Most believers, if they are honest, don’t think it is important to find a new normal to their current lifestyle. “Jesus loves me just the way I am. He doesn’t want to change me,” are some of the things I hear as to why those who claim to know Christ don’t embrace a lifestyle of repentance. But if we truly acknowledge our sinful nature, then shouldn’t we also embrace the new normal of a life in Christ?

To be born again is to embrace the new normal. If Jesus didn’t want to change you, then why would He call us to be born again? It seems to me that we need to embrace the new normal of following Jesus and all the change that this entails.

Here are some words used to describe the Christian life: Renewal, Re-creation, Redemption, Repurposed, Repentance, Regeneration, Rebuke, Reconciliation, Reminded, Restoration, etc. I’d love to hear what “RE” word characterizes your Christian walk.

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