The Best News I've Had Today

What’s the best news that you have had today? What made it good news?

I would suggest that whatever motivates you determines what you would define as the best news that you have had today. For some, they are deeply motivated by relationships. Others are motivated by projects and accomplishments. Still others tend to be motivated by the processes and procedures that shape how we engage with the world around us. However, most of us we are motivated by a mixture of these three core motivations.

So, what’s the best news you’ve had today?

The reality is that we are all happy about something at every moment of every day. We are also certainly sad about, angry about, and afraid of something at the very same moment. Ironically, that which drives our excitement, sadness, anger, and fear can be the very same thing. Your answer to what the best news of the day is will likely expose what your fears are.

At the risk of sounding super-spiritual, what if the best news of the day was rooted in the Person and work of Jesus? What if our best news every day was knowing that the eyes of the Master are upon me and wants to be with me? What if the best news was that everything works together for good for those who are called by God? Or, what if the best news today was that I came to realize that Jesus wants to direct my steps and empower me to accomplish His purposes?

I think that as followers of Jesus, we are called to give people the best news of their day. We have the best news for mankind within us, and we are to give every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to accept or reject the good news that we have within us. The source of the best news of the day is ultimately Jesus Himself – but too often we have to force ourselves to see the Reason for the Hope that is within us. If it takes something extraordinary to make us notice the Person and work of Christ in our lives, then we must know that those outside the church rarely recognize the finger-work of God in the world – let alone their individual lives!

I believe that the good news can be captured in four basic themes: Christ as our Savior, Christ as our Redeemer, Christ as our Healer, and Christ as our Supreme Authority. He came to save, redeem, heal, and deliver mankind. Plain and simple – Jesus is the very best news that we could ever have, but most of us struggle to talk about Him in our everyday conversations. Structuring my understanding of Jesus around these four basic themes of His identity and purpose in my life, has certainly helped me recognize the work of Christ in my own life and this helps me know how to bring Jesus into my casual yet intentional conversations.

What is the good news that my neighbor needs today? Do they need to know that Jesus will save them from their current struggle? Do they need to know His healing? Do they want to hear how Jesus is going to use their struggle for His purposes? Do they need to know that they have an identity in Christ that gives them a sense of belonging? How does Jesus answer these core questions that most of us face every single day?

I encourage you to use your search engine on your phone to ask, “What does the Bible say about Jesus as our Savior?” Or, “…about Jesus as our Redeemer?” “Sanctifier?” “Healer?” “King?” Another option is to memorize one verse that reveals each characteristic of the good news of who Jesus is. For instance, for Savior, most of us have memorized John 3:16. For Sanctifier or Redeemer, I have memorized Philippians 1:6. For Healer, I look to James 5:15. For His kingship and authority, I have memorized Matthew 28:18.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could give our neighbors the truth about the identity of Jesus? We first must know the Truth ourselves and the Hope that is within us if we want to give Him away. What is the reason for the Hope that you have within you?

What’s the best news you’ve had today?

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