Interacting with the Incarnation

I am fascinated by the advancement in technology and attempts to give gamers and the rest of us the most realistic experience in entertainment. Virtual reality is one of the latest pieces to this puzzle and many will give friends and family this experience this Christmas in various forms. One of the latest attempts to do so is 4K televisions which attempts to give the viewer the most realistic experience though removed by time and space from the original. Depending upon the individual’s desire and capacity, we can enter intense and even confusing experiences.

Have you noticed the warnings on the boxes of the hardware that is gives us these experiences? It seems that our bodies are designed to have all five senses engaged and working together. When those senses are giving conflicting signals, we get sick. And that will most certainly ruin your Christmas dinner!

Be cautious how you interact with technology and its attempt to give you a virtual reality.

Our Interactive Nativity is intended to be an experience that serves as a catalyst for interacting with the truth of the Incarnation. We invite our guests to step back in time and experience the first Christmas – the moment when God stepped into the most humble of circumstances and dwelt in those circumstances. The Incarnation is all about God interacting with humanity. One thing though, He was fully committed to engaging humanity, not to just having a virtual experience.

The Interactive Nativity is obviously a temporary experience that has a warning label attached to it, “Step back in time, but watch your step!” Though humorous, it is also a serious statement about how we interact with the Incarnation. As we interact with the reality of the Incarnation, we had better watch our step, or we might be sucked into a transformational experience.

Obviously, this is our ultimate desire – that each person would interact with the Gospel of the Incarnation. What if Jesus truly was God in the flesh? What if He really did step into the such humble of circumstances? What do the circumstances of the Incarnation teach us about the character of God? How does the Incarnation inform our mission? What does the Incarnation teach us about the role of the Church in the world?

I hope that you will invite your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even your enemies to come interact with the Incarnation at our Interactive Nativity. I hope that you will interact with the Incarnation as you serve our neighborhood through this experience. I sincerely hope that each of your experiences this Christmas serves as a catalyst to encourage you to interact with the truth of the Incarnation.

Merry Christmas! Happy Incarnation Day!

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