Church Work Days

I used to think that church work days were great days to get huge projects done. My first summer at HarvestDowntown (Harvest Alliance Church) we painted the entire building – but the lift wasn’t tall enough to reach the top of the bell tower. So, for the next four years we had a church with a bell tower that was white and brown on the top and red ochre and sage on the rest of the building. But we made a statement!

In 2005, we purchased the building and decided it was time to finish painting the bell tower – and so we had another major church work day. This time our lift was tall enough but we didn’t have the expertise or the time to repair the woodwork around the stained glass, the colonnades on the bell tower, or the facia. We just painted the rotten wood and vowed to come back and fix it – someday. We knew we were putting lipstick on a pig, but we hoped nobody would look too closely.

The paint we used for these two major projects was purchased from Walmart and we strapped a pastor into the lift and called him a painter. Over the next 10 years the red ochre faded to pink and instead of being known as the church with the purple doors, we were known as the pink church. It was not quality – but it was a statement! I think that we made a statement that we didn’t take ourselves very seriously, but did people know that we always take God very seriously? From that time on, we decided that the pastor should not be the Facility Director – he should focus on other things!!

What is the point of all-church work days?

I have come to realize that just getting a group of well-intentioned people together to do major projects is not the best use of the resources that God has entrusted to our care. For instance, both those major projects took a full week of labor from a select few and a full weekend from the church body. After seventeen years of semi-annual work days, I have developed a philosophy for church work days.

Work days are significant events for the church. I believe in them and support them. But I have decided that they only serve 3 goals: To build relationships among those serving; To give our membership an opportunity to practically worship God through a simple act of service; To communicate to our neighborhood that “We Care!”

Community. Worship. Mission.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 is an opportunity for you to come meet someone and connect relationally with someone with whom you worship weekly. Saturday, tomorrow, is an opportunity to do a simple task as an act of service that has no tangible benefit to you – worship. From 9-Noon, Saturday, April 22, is an opportunity to show our neighborhood that our church cares about our neighborhood.

Community. Worship. Mission.

I hope that you will bring your children or grandchildren. I hope that you will invite the person you are mentoring to join you in doing a simple, menial, task of servanthood. I hope that you will take time to see the neighborhood in which our church is located and ask yourself, “How could we show this neighborhood that we care?” I hope that you will always invite others into your world. I hope that you will always engage in worship. And I hope that you will always see yourself as one who is sent to your neighbors.

Community. Worship. Mission.

HarvestCommunity Work Day. Saturday, April 22, 2017. 9-Noon. Gloves, rake, flathead shovel, broom, &/or a $20+ paintbrush.

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