Is Art Beautiful?

I have heard it said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Can the same be said of art? I have been to my share of museums in my life, and it seems that every museum has a pot displayed on a white or black box, highlighted by a spotlight. I can’t help but wonder, did the person who cast that pot expect it to be viewed as a work of art? Or, did the potter cast a pot because he knew it would sell? The latter is probably far more likely. The patina and the glazing were probably chosen to merely set the pot apart from the other pots in the market.

What am I creating today that may one day be viewed as art?

Every person is an artist, but the media may not be respected by the self-proclaimed art community of the day. For instance, the scribes of the middle ages were just doing a job of transcribing various writings and their work was considered far less valuable than the thoughts contained within the words. Today, the one who can duplicate their efforts is considered an artist.

I was at an archaeological site and listened to the guide describe various pots as works of art. Interesting, one particular pot was used as a chamber pot. Does this mean that my toilet will one day be viewed as ceramic art if it stands the test of time? Yes! The genius of a siphoning toilet allows me to enjoy indoor plumbing without the stench of sewer permeating the house. And Thomas Crapper was a marketing genius who put his name on this work of art and his legacy is…

What does this have to do with God?

Every person is an artist because we all bear the image of God – but that image has been corrupted. Though corrupted, we still find the need to create, innovate, and solve problems. We have an inherent desire to make things beautiful, even if it is just to sell our product by making it stand out from the rest. This is why the contractor will add creative touches to the house he is building. This is why the seamstress will add in a unique stitch that will be her signature on the dress. Even the barista will take special care to place their signature of creativity on the drink prepared for someone just looking for a “pick-me-up.”

God is a creative God and has made humanity creative – but why? Did He make us creative so that we might merely entertain ourselves? No, He left His creative fingerprint on our lives as His signature so that we might worship Him. Does this mean that all art is to be about Him? Yes – but maybe not like you think.

Everything we do is worship. Every piece of art is worship – it is just a question of what or who we are worshiping. Do we use our creative energies to glorify the Creator or the created? How does your work, your art, and your creations honor God? Whatever your hand finds to do, do it as though you are refracting the Light of God. Your creativity bears His image. You are the signature of God upon creation.

For the next few weeks our Perspectives Art Shows are moving various pieces to an art gallery at 115 N. Tejon. Take a friend, go by yourself, or go with a group - either way, check out the various expressions of worship and reflection upon the Word of God. Visit to find out more.

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