"Logged out Due to Inactivity"

If you are anything like me, you have multiple online accounts – each with a different login name and password. As much as I try to organize my passwords according to the sensitivity level of the account, but the requirements seem to change without me knowing it. One site requires at least one symbol and another only requires a digit. Some sites let me use my email address as my username, and still others require a unique username. My own church has a login – what password did I use for that? I’m the pastor, how did I get logged out due to inactivity???

Sometimes it feels like I am locked out of the presence of God and I can’t remember my login information. How do we regain access? Why did I lose a connection? Does He still love me, or was I just logged out due to inactivity?

This is the nature of every relationship – we are logged out due to inactivity. If we want to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone, we must remain engaged in that relationship.

I have had a few friends in my lifetime that felt like I was never logged out due to inactivity. However, as I pondered those relationships, I came to realize that every level of community with every individual has a username and password. Some people never change the usernames and passwords, so it is just easier to login after disconnection due to inactivity.

This naturally begs the question, “What login requirements do I place on those with whom I have been disconnected due to inactivity?” How far into my life do I let them come before I make them enter a new username and password?

Does God log us out due to inactivity?

Scripture seems to indicate that intimacy with God is always available to us, but our accessibility is determined by us. But scripture also indicates that there are certain levels of intimacy with the Father that are only maintained with activity, (activity is not the same as performance).

Jesus regularly took time to make sure that He was still logged in with the Father – He maintained a rhythm of service and prayer. He took time to go off to lonely places to pray. He also declared that He was fed (logged in to God) by doing His work in the world.

God is always available to us. He loves us and wants us to remain connected to Him. We just keep getting disconnected due to inactivity. Our connection to the Father isn’t up to our church, pastor, friends, parents, or spouse – it is up to us to engage in relationship with God through prayer and service. Let us not become disconnected due to inactivity, let us remain engaged in deep relationship. We are always invited in, we just need to engage.

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