August 25, 2018

I have a 1962 GMC on which I did a frame-up restoration. It started with a rusty, pickup with flat tires sitting in someone’s yard who had lost the vision of what the truck could be. Now it sits in my garage; and now I have lost the vision of what it could be! Now I merely have a vision of what it used to be. I remember driving down the road with my youngest daughter beaming in the front seat with her hand flying in the wind, (she couldn’t ride in the front seat of the newer cars because of the airbags). I could spend a great deal of effort trying to restore this truck back to its former glory – but no matter what, she’s not going to be an 8-year-old ever again! Sure, the truck could look li...

August 15, 2018

People are weird.

Where does our weirdness come from? Do we all acknowledge our weirdness? Why does it take so long to become comfortable with our own weirdness?

WARNING: I have no intention of directly answering these questions! But, I believe that redemption gets to the core of our human weirdness and how we respond to it.

Terasue and I recently purchased a car with a substantial amount of hail damage. The sunroof and windshield, (windscreen, for those of you who speak the king’s English), were shattered and the car was filled with glass and water. There were little pieces of glass in every crevasse I could find. We are still finding the pieces of glass in random places. We had the glass repa...

August 15, 2018

Over the years we are faced with changes that require that we change our lifestyle. Sometimes these changes are driven by health, accidents, living arrangement, job, weather patterns, or natural disasters among other things. When we are faced with these changes to our way of life we must choose whether to long for the way it once was or embrace the change as a new way of life. Major life changes force us to find new rhythms and baselines for what we will accept as normal.

What was the last major life change that forced you to redefine the new normal for you or your family?

Finding the new normal is about defining the new baseline by which you will measure the goodness of your life. For some, t...

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August 12, 2020

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