October 31, 2017

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the reformation. On October 31, 1517, a young professor of a small seminary in northern Germany walked down the street of his little town and nailed his 95 statements on the door of a recently constructed church on the far end of town – a new church built with the income gained from the sale of indulgences. Though it took some 450 years, most of these 95 statements have now been embraced by the Roman Catholic church.

I first published this article via email to our church a couple of years ago – in many ways I was nailing this to the virtual door of our church. Today, in honor of this HUGELY significant day, I am nailing it to the front door of our church –...

October 17, 2017

Shootings, earthquakes, bombings, hurricanes, fires, and terrorism – it never seems to end. Wars, sexual assaults, asteroids, threats, and falling space junk – is there an end to the suffering of mankind? Cancer, AIDS, epidemics, pneumonia, and dementia – why can’t we figure out how to solve diseases? Hunger, dysentery, pollution, expanding deserts, and unclean water – is anyone paying attention? Why does a loving God allow such pain to exist within the human condition?

One of the most beautiful statements on the human condition is the book of Job – part of the Hebrew Canon of scripture. Written in the prose of Hebrew poetry, the book of Job outlines some basic principles related to suffering...

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July 28, 2020

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