August 29, 2017

Over the years I have come across those who have done one, or all, of the following: Hit the wall, burned-out, had a panic attack, had a mental breakdown, or reached the point of exhaustion. I cannot, nor will I, assume that one of these is equal to the others, nor will I assume that any one of them is the result of some sort of mismanagement of one’s emotional, physical, or spiritual capacities. I do however believe that we can mitigate the impact of exhaustion, burn-out, or emotional poverty with discipleship, (or mentorship if you prefer).

How do people get to this point of emotional poverty? It is usually because they have been placed, or have chosen to dwell, in a highly challenging envi...

August 23, 2017

If you were completely unaware of the total eclipse that happened Tuesday, then you probably aren’t receiving this email – let’s just assume that all of you were fully aware of what happened this week! Evidently the moon, a relatively small planetary object, completely obscured the light of the largest body in our solar system. How is it that something so small can completely obscure our sight of the sun?


I am old enough and lucky enough to have experienced a few solar eclipses, but this was the first time that I made the effort to go to the “total eclipse zone.” We drove the 10-hour roundtrip through traffic to Wyoming where we experienced the effect of being in darkness in the 5th...

August 9, 2017

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One hundred thirty years ago, a Presbyterian pastor in New York City felt that the Spirit was leading him to launch a new church called the Gospel Tabernacle. This church in the heart of Manhattan grew into a movement of Gospel Tabernacles across America – known as The Christian Alliance. Soon this movement of churches merged with the missionary sending organization founded by the same pastor and became The Christian and Missionary Alliance – the denomination with whom HarvestDowntown is aligned.

A.B. Simpson was the pastor who launched the first Gospel Tabernacle and he understood that the church building did not define the church body. He strongly b...

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July 28, 2020

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