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May 10, 2017

Over the years, and on many occasions, I have had someone say to me, “All churches ever talk about is money! They are always trying to get into my pocket! That’s why I don’t go to church!” I used to counter these statements with, “I don’t talk about money much at all. I have no interest in being in your pocket. And you should come to my church.” But, I have come to realize that I was lying to the person to whom I was speaking! The fact is this, I talk about money a lot and Jesus would love to get into a person’s wallet because a person’s wallet represents their life, values, passions, and even their emotions.

People forget how much Jesus talked about money. We forget how much the Jews were re...

May 4, 2017

I believe it is important to take a personal assessment occasionally, to determine if one is on the right track. It is easy to become comfortable with the status quo and keeping everything the same – partly because we tend to be creatures of habit. We like things to stay the way that they are, even if the way things are make us a bit uncomfortable.

Several years ago, we as a church found ourselves in a place where we were quite comfortable with the way things were. We had a youth ministry, a children’s ministry, a music ministry, and a preaching ministry. Our elders were involved and engaged and the church was growing at a sustainable pace. Our bills were paid and the building seemed to be pe...

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