Creating Access to Hope

I don’t know about you, but after watching just a few minutes of the presidential debate, I was left hopeless. After reading the transcript (which was quite difficult with the candidates talking over each other), I was just as hopeless. This is not a statement about either of the candidates, as much as a statement of my acknowledged need for hope. Most candidates for any political office run on a platform of creating hope. I have yet to hear a candidate suggest that a vote for them is a vote for the status quo. I am not saying there has never been a candidate who ran on such a platform – I just haven’t heard of them. This is probably because they lost the election! I am struck by how much th

Change Management

COVID-19 has certainly introduced a great deal of change to our lives. These changes tend to create angst, stress, worry, and anxiousness. Whether you generally like change or not, most of us struggle with change that is thrust upon us. Interestingly, change that we have considered and chosen for ourselves is generally welcomed and embraced. I am naturally a questioner when it comes to change – even the smallest change. I am not naturally one who is trusting, compliant, or rebellious – but many of my closest friends are! As a leader of a family and a church, I generally find myself desiring compliance to change that I have deemed necessary without taking the time to listen to the questioners

Creating Access to Community

Why is an invitation more important than a welcome? From the very beginning of Scripture to the very end, we see God inviting mankind into deep community with Himself. In Genesis, God comes to Adam and Eve in the cool of the day – just to be with them. In Revelation, Jesus knocks on the door of the church asking to be invited in for dinner. God is a missional, inviting, welcoming, engaging God! He is so engaged in this inviting mission, that He sent His only Son to create access to community with Himself – this is the Missio Dei. During these months, my front porch has become more than a “Virtual Office” and more of my “Actual Office.” Most of my emails, sermons, letters, and articles have b

Creating Access to a Kingdom of Peace

“Peace on earth, upon whom His favor rests!” I think we all believe that peace is a good thing. Those that make peace are considered sons of God. We want a peace that surpasses all understanding. And as far as it depends upon us, we want to live at peace with one another. We carry with us this gospel (good news) of peace wherever our foot may tread. All of these are promises of scripture. And this is not even close to being a comprehensive list! This week, we are choosing to align our hearts and minds with the God of all peace. This means we are going into our neighborhoods with the good news of peace, hope, joy, kindness, and love. Jesus came, not to condemn the world, but that through Him,

Guides for Rites of Passage

Every culture has various rites of passage that help its members grow, develop, and know where they stand in society. Some cultures define the rite of passage into adulthood as an age. While others base this passage upon the accomplishment of the individual. Interestingly, because we are salad bowl of cultures in the United States, we lack clear rites of passage into adulthood. Some advocate for accomplishments such as graduation from high school or getting a driver’s license. Car insurance companies advocate for the age of 25, but the government makes it quite clear that I have to provide health insurance for my kids until they are 27. I considered myself an adult when I graduated from coll

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