A Frenetic and Busy Life

August is generally a month that is filled with busyness and craziness. This year, it may not be activities that is contributing to the craziness but the new methods being asked of us. Many parents are struggling with how to manage reengagement with school and work in a way that is so much more nuanced than a year ago. Even those that are home schooling, are trying to figure out what that would look like when many of our normal activities are unavailable. College students are choosing to skip a semester of online instruction in order to enter the work force. Employers are trying to keep their work force engaged while allowing them to have flexibility for this changing landscape. This pandemi

Intergenerational Discipleship

Much has been said about discipleship – possibly more than any other subject in the church history. What I am about to write to you as a church family is not about imparting new knowledge or some secret insight. I am merely writing to define some terms that we use at HarvestDowntown and to ask for your help. We define discipleship as spiritual learning and we believe that this best happens through relationship. Most discipleship happens through small groups of 8-12 individuals who consistently and regularly gather to study, share, and speak into one another’s lives. These smaller groups need clear catalysts for the discipleship process. These catalysts serve as guides, directors, or teachers

Faith in Fear

Why do so many of us pretend that we are not afraid? If you cannot define your fears, then are you self-aware? I have learned over the years that I am always afraid of something at any given moment. This is not because I am a “scaredy cat.” I have come to realize that the sooner I can clearly identify the fear, the earlier I can apply faith to the fear. The longer we pretend that we are not scared, the more likely we are to become discouraged or terrified. Denial of fear is not faith. Trusting the Father with our fear is faith. There are a great deal of statements floating around the internet accusing people of fear. Frankly, these statements are true – but what we do with our fears is what

VirtualHarvest or Harvest On-Demand

A couple of years ago, we were considering broadcasting our entire service. This led to various discussions and debates about the role of the church in the believer’s life. Our conclusion was that it was a short jump from offering our service to those who were stuck on the road or at home, to offering the service to our church community to view at their convenience. For this reason, we opted to only record the sermon and post it, but to not stream the entire service – except for special events such as Christmas Eve or our annual meeting. Then came March 15, 2020. Over the past 4 months, we have invested a great deal of time, energy, money, and expertise as a church family to creating an inte

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