Listening vs. Silence

You may believe this or not, but I am regularly accused of being silent on issues that confront our church community. I want to assure you, that I am choosing to remain silent in order to gain perspective, or I am remaining silent to understand the issue. Sometimes the issue is more nuanced than I may perceive, or the issue is not as complex as I might think. Either way, silence is always a good place to start – particularly when everyone is screaming about this, that, or that other thing at the same time! My silence in response to the racial tension that seems to be engulfing us is not silence from apathy or disdain. My silence is more of a mournful silence as I can think of several instanc


Let’s be honest with ourselves – we all have personal biases! You are just deceiving yourself when you think that you don’t filter information, news, relationships, or politics through a personal bias. You are not deceiving anyone else – just yourself! Sure, those who don’t know your opinion or your background, may not pick up on your bias immediately – but it never takes long for someone who is watching and paying attention to pick up on your biases. I am biased against those who refuse to listen or work. I am biased toward authority and against those who are consumers of society, people, and life. I am biased toward scripture and reason, and I am biased against emotionalism and eastern tho

Explicit Guidelines for Re-Entry to Proximity

It has been called to my attention that many in our church community need more clarity as to what re-entry into proximity is going to look like. The statement was, “Please be explicit!” So here is the most explicit blog I will write! HarvestDowntown is committed to providing a safe environment for you and your family: We do not allow children to be monitored by other children Every person who is in a position of trust will be background checked We will follow the current health, fire, and building codes to the best of our ability (although the health code seems to change daily!) Parents are responsible for their own children HarvestDowntown is committed to honoring the law of the land as lon

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