Sons, Children, and Women

Political correctness for the sake of keeping the world happy seems like one of the most useless of endeavors. It is a moving target that seems to return to itself over time. Words that used to be viewed as insensitive are now back in vogue and those terms that were politically correct are now taboo! I now understand why “those old people” were so unwilling to learn new words. I believe that the church should always remain sensitive to the culture, but I refuse to change my theology to accommodate the political correctness of the day. Once you have lived long enough to see the cycle of cultural correctness, you will also dig your heels in on certain issues. What are the issues the church sho


Is there anything more dangerous to the Church’s mission and purpose than nostalgia? Traditions have incredible value for teaching and training future generations about our values and we use these traditions and rituals to pass on our legacy to our children. When the traditions, customs, and rituals continue to demonstrate and teach the core values for which they were created, then they maintain their worth. BUT, when they cease to teach the value for which they were created, it is then that they become worthless. And, when we hold onto them for the sake of nostalgia, it is then that they become dangerous. Nostalgia is nothing more than idolizing the past, or worse our perception of the past

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